What’s Included

Attending a demonstration gives you the opportunity to see first-hand how revolutionary and yet simple to use the Thermomix is. The Thermomix has been designed in such a way that all of your accessories work together in harmony to accomplish even your loftiest cooking goals.

Easy, time-efficient, and versatile: The following accessories help make the cooking process pain-free and fun!

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  • Butterfly Whisk
  • Lid
  • measuring cup
    Measuring Cup
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Simmering Basket
  • Spatula
  • varoma
  • Recipe Chip

Thermomix Accessories

The Thermomix ® butterfly whisk is perfect for preparing sauces and mousses, beating egg whites, whipping cream or making your favourite aromatic butter.

The Thermomix ® butterfly whisk is yet another example of the intelligent range of Thermomix ® accessories and works in perfect harmony with the mixing bowl to make light work of even the most demanding whipping and stirring jobs. The butterfly whisk fits easily and securely on top of your blade enabling you to whip and whisk with a single, hassle-free attachment. It’s also perfect for cream puddings and sauces!

The Thermomix ® blade is at the very heart of the machine itself. With it, you can vigorously chop and mince, as well as gently stir and knead. The Thermomix ® blade is an essential part of just how diverse and efficient the Thermomix ® really is. You’ll save time, effort and money.

Whether you want to grind nuts or knead bread dough, it’s all accomplished very quickly and easily using the Thermomix ®blade and without the need to swap out additional attachments. Everything is done with one Thermomix ® blade attachment in one mixing bowl. With just one Thermomix ® blade, you are able to chop, grind, grate, blend, mix, stir and knead. This is sure to save you time, effort and money in preparing nutritious home cooked meals whatever your current skill level of cooking.

It’s hard to believe that just one Thermomix ® blade is capable of so much, but this is all made possible from its clever design. Four different knives each at a different height and angle make this single Thermomix ® blade attachment, and in turn the Thermomix ® itself, a very diverse tool. With minimal attachments, you not only can be sure of easy and efficient cooking, but less washing up too!

The mixing bowl lid makes it easier to achieve specific cooking tasks, particularly when you need to pour ingredients in gradually. To emulsify sauces such as mayonnaise or hollandaise, you can very slowly pour oil or melted butter onto the mixing bowl lid, letting it pass around the edge of the inserted measuring cup. The lid design allows the liquid to drizzle in a thin stream onto the rotating knife – the perfect technique for emulsifying is made simple by design.

The shape of the mixing bowl lid is also designed to be a safe stable base that will facilitate weighing ingredients in other bowls, jugs or dishes. That means you don’t always need to weigh in the Thermomix ® mixing bowl itself – just set your own dish on the lid, and tare the scale (zero). Or you can simply place ingredients directly onto the lid itself.

The measuring cup is another clever Vorwerk design for the TM5. The measuring cup acts as a cover to the mixing bowl lid opening, but it can also be used to measure ingredients.
Thermomix’s ® durable stainless steel mixing bowl contains more than meets the eye. With an intelligent heating system built in and featuring an increased capacity of 2.2 litres, you can prepare healthy meals for the whole family.

The heating system and temperature sensor are integrated into the base of the mixing bowl to ensure that food is cooked to perfection each and every time.

The mixing bowl is also designed to hold a simmering basket that will allow you to gently cook rice, pasta, vegetables and many other ingredients.

The simmering basket fits perfectly inside the mixing bowl and is ideal for preparing side dishes such as rice, potatoes or vegetables for ‘all-in-one’ dishes.

It is also perfectly suited for use as a fruit or vegetable strainer, which is yet another convenient touch to help you prepare your meals with less fuss.

Tailored to the exact shape of the mixing bowl, the spatula provided can reach into every crevice, which makes scraping easier and reduces food waste.

The safety shield on the handle allows you to fit the spatula through the opening of the bowl lid, even while the motor is running, without making contact with the knife. Its shape also prevents your spatula from rolling off your work surface – another example of smart design at every level.

Another practical detail is the handy hook on the back of the Thermomix ® spatula, which is designed to fit into a corresponding notch on the rim of the simmering basket. By inserting the hook into the notch, you can safely remove the simmering basket without burning your hands.

The spatula is made from high-grade, food-safe polypropylene that is not only robust, but completely dishwasher safe. It’s a high-quality and versatile piece of equipment, which will make mixing, churning, stirring or even chopping simply effortless.

In addition to being able to cook in the Thermomix ® bowl, with the Varoma, you also have the convenient, time-saving option of steaming food while cooking other dishes. Additionally, the new TM5 has increased the capacity of the Varoma, so now you can cook an even larger, well-rounded meal using the Varoma and mixing bowl together. For example, place some fish in the Varoma and fresh vegetables into the matching tray, simply set both on top of the mixing bowl lid and let the Thermomix ® work its magic! Potatoes or rice can be prepared simultaneously in the simmering basket for a healthy, complete meal, which can be ready in as little as 30 minutes.

When you cook in the Varoma, the essential nutrients of your ingredients as well as their shape, colour and aroma will be beautifully preserved with no need to add any fat or oil. Water is heated at an even temperature in the mixing bowl and allows the steam to flow into the Varoma, which yields perfect results every time. This is simple, healthy, fast food at its finest.

The Varoma, like all Thermomix ® accessories, combines stunning design with state-of-the-art technology to suit any kitchen. All components, including the handle, tray and lid are all manufactured using food-safe, high-quality polypropylene and are completely dishwasher safe.

Fresh ideas coupled with clever technology make the Varoma and Thermomix ® a winning combination.

Recipe Chips bring the world of food right to your Thermomix ®. These innovative, interchangeable chips are like digital cookbooks filled with great recipes that you can put right inside the Thermomix ®. They let you browse recipes and follow them to perfection with the step-by-step Guided Cooking function on the touchscreen.

Recipe Chips bring cookbooks to life for the digital age. Simply insert the Recipe Chip and you’re all set to start browsing recipes for ideas and inspiration. Your Thermomix’s clear, easy interface makes it simple to search recipes by categories, to view clear nutritional information and even to get cooking tips and possible variations on the recipe.

Select a recipe and it appears onscreen with simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that make it a breeze to achieve perfect results. With Guided Cooking, your Thermomix ® presets the time and temperature for each stage. If you need to pause at any time, Thermomix ® remembers your last step so it’s easy to pick up where you left off later. It is so simple that success really is guaranteed. And when you find particular recipes that you keep coming back to enjoy, you can mark these as favourites for faster access later.

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Download the TM5 manual (English) here.