Thermomix Benefits

Many of us are used to the conventional methods and tools used in preparing and cooking our favourite meals. Some of these methods are very time-consuming and even challenging to the point where we avoid cooking them altogether. With Thermomix you never have to feel this way again. Thermomix saves time, is easy to use and make recipes with, and allows you to produce consistent results.

The table below illustrates how fast and easy it is to use a Thermomix.

Recipe Thermomix Time* Added Benefits
Risotto 20 minutes No manual stirring required
Icing Sugar 15 minutes Granulated sugar to icing sugar
Butter 2 minutes Produces butter & butter milk
Sorbet 2 minutes Ready to eat
Creamy Mushroom Soup 13 minutes Only 6 grams of fat per portion
Sandwich Bread 4 minutes Simply let rise and bake
Spaghetti Carbonara 18 minutes for sauce / ~ 10 minutes for noodle Cook your entire pasta dinner in one bowl
Mayonnaise 2 minutes No manual stirring required
Hollandaise Sauce 10-11 minutes No manual stirring required
Lemonade 2 seconds Ready to drink
Chicken Garam Masala 22 minutes Spice mix in 40 seconds
Cottage Pie 8 minutes for meat / 25 minutes for potato mix Cook an entire casserole dish in one bowl (baking excluded)
Gluten-free Bread ~ 3 minutes Gluten free at a fraction of the cost of purchasing
Custard 7 minutes No manual stirring required
Tiramisu 8 minutes Make and bake your own sponge fingers too
Crème Caramel (flan) 5-10 minutes Mix and steam all in the Thermomix
Sangria 2 minutes Ready to drink
Baby Food (fruit) 6-8 minutes Fresh and controlled ingredients
Lentil Moussaka ~ 36 minutes Cook and prepare an entire Moussaka in one bowl
(baking excluded)
Quiche 4 minutes Quiche filling and pastry in only 4 minutes
Stir Fry Noodle 15-20 minutes Chop and cook an entire stir-fry in one bowl
Almond Milk 12 minutes Substitute almonds for any kind of nut to make your own flavored milk
Peanut or Almond Butter 1-2 minutes Only one ingredient – nuts!
Jam 28 minutes No manual stirring required
Vegetable Stock Paste 36 minutes Stock paste will last in refrigerator for several months
Whipped Egg Whites (meringue) 4 minutes No manual stirring required
Coleslaw 10 seconds Fresh and fast
Ganache (chocolate icing) 2 minutes No manual stirring required

*excluding preparation time