The Thermomix Canada Promise

The Thermomix Canada promise is a business value instilled throughout our organization and involves providing the best comprehensive and personalized service to our customers. As a Thermomix owner you will receive personalized support from your Consultant that will meet your needs and add value to your experience with Thermomix. We believe in building sustainable relationships with our customers and ensuring they are both as happy and passionate about Thermomix as we are.

Customer Support

Thermomix ® helps makes life easier inside the kitchen and we compliment this with our customer support system. Thermomix Canada and our dedicated support network of Consultants will provide you a personalized after-sale service, which includes cooking classes, special events, recipes, and exciting promotions. Caring for our customers is a high priority for us, and as an owner of a Thermomix ®, you can expect the very best support and advice throughout the long life of your appliance.

Vorwerk’s commitment to direct sales and personal service means that all Thermomix ® customers are provided with individual support every step of the way.

We also offer opportunities to link to our communities of users, to meet up with like-minded people and to seek information, ideas and valuable tips in person or online. This is why we have created a number of ways to explore, share and discover new recipes through our Thermomix Canada Facebook page and Recipe Community.

Service & Technical Support

Thermomix ® is famous for its quality and longevity, but if anything does happen to it, you can rely on our excellent technical support and efficient provision of spare parts and replacement accessories.

We understand no one wants to be even a day without their Thermomix and our service department will work as efficiently as possible to service your Thermomix and have it back to you as soon as possible. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Cleaning
  • Factory parts
  • Repair (warranty and non-warranty)
  • Trade-in (TM31)