History of Thermomix

The concept of Thermomix® began when a mother in Germany wanted to make her own baby food but was unable to find a cooking appliance capable of grinding food into small enough pieces with the ability to cook at the same time. With this one idea, an entire Thermomix® history started.

The Thermomix ® history all started in 1961 when the first universal kitchen machine from Vorwerk was released, the VKM5. This combined seven functions – stirring, kneading, chopping, grating, mixing, grinding and juicing.

The next step forward came in the early 1970s with the popularity of “Potages” (blended soups) in France. This inspired the idea of combining cooking and mixing in a single kitchen appliance to make the preparation of this kind of soup much easier.

This idea was well received by Vorwerk and so they developed the first heated mixer, the VM 2000, fondly called a “soup mixer”. This device also lent itself well to the preparation of sauces and desserts. This is how one of the founding fathers of the successful Thermomix ® was born.

Since its humble beginnings the Thermomix ® has been continuously enhanced and developed to become an indispensable appliance used in kitchens all over the world helping people to achieve an outstanding level of healthy, delicious and time-saving home cooking.


History of Vorwerk

Founded in Wuppertal, Germany in 1883, Vorwerk& Co. KG started as a carpet company. Nowadays, it is a global corporate group that produces diverse products.

Along with Thermomix® , Vorwerk’s portfolio includes Kobold Vacuum Cleaners and JAFRA Cosmetics, all made to ensure exceptional quality in each product.


History of Fantan Enterprise Ltd. 

Fantan Enterprise Ltd. became the authorized Thermomix® distributor for western Canada in 2006.

In 2007, it launched its first website, www.easycooking.ca, and dispatched its first direct sales team.

Today, Fantan Enterprise Ltd. has consultants throughout Canada.