Thermomix User Tips

Below are some basic tips for using your Thermomix with certain functions and recipes. To learn more, contact your local Consultant for further information and to attend a cooking class. For more recipes, click to visit the Thermomix Canada Recipe Community.  

Summary Table for Basic Functions
Time taken depends on the quantity of ingredients used
Basic function Time and Speed
Butter, softening
40 sec/50C/speed 4
Cakes, mixing
20-40 sec/speed 5-6
Chocolate, grating and melting
Maximum 250 g for grating Grate: 5-10 sec/speed 8
(broken into pieces) Melt: 2 min/50C/speed 3
Parsley/herb/garlic/onion 2-3 sec/speed 7
Preparation of salads 3-4 sec/speed 4
Cooking, chunky dishes
(Casseroles, stews, curries, pastas, etc.) Set time, 100C or Varoma/Reverse/speed 0.5-3
Cooking, general
Set time, 37C-Varoma/Reverse/speed 0.5-4
Dry roasting spices
Set time, Varoma/speed 1. Let it cool down and then mill.
Grating (always use small pieces)
Dry bread – Maximum 300 g 10 sec/speed
Hard cheeses (Parmesan, Romano) Maximum 150g 10 sec/speed 8
Soft Cheeses (Cheddar) Maximum 250g 6-8 sec/speed 8
Lemon/Orange rind 10-20 sec/speed 8
Ice, crushing
(400g), loose cubes 10 sec/speed 7-10
Add sugar, if necessary 10 sec/speed 9
Add fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices (etc.) and ice cubes 20-30 sec/speed 8
Add liquid – water, mineral water, milk 30 sec-2 min until desired texture achieved
Strain through streaming basket, if required
Kneading Dough
Maximum 600g flour for bread or 750 g for a more liquid dough 1-2 min on interval speed
(Do not leave the machine unattended)
Milk, heating
(for hot drinks, in soups or on its own) Must be no higher than 90C/speed 3-4
(Do not use on speeds lower than 3 or temp higher than 90C
Sugar to icing sugar, max. 200g 10-15 sec/speed 9
Sugar to caster sugar 3 sec/speed 9
Coffee, max 250g 25-60 sec/speed 9 (depending on use, i.e. French Press etc.)
Grains, legumes and spices 20 sec-2min/speed 9-10
Nuts to nut meal 8-10 sec/speed 7
Spices 10-20 sec/speed 9 or until desired texture
Meat, fish, chicken (if frozen, thaw slightly), max 25-500g 8-10 sec/speed 7 or Turbo 3-6 times for chunky texture
(herbs, onions, bacon, etc.) Chop, then cook 2-3 min/Varoma/speed 1
Steaming (Varoma)
(min 500g water or liquid) Set time, Varoma/speed 0.5-4