Precautionary measure for TM31

Excellent quality and first-class customer service are of great importance to us at Vorwerk. Therefore we inform our customers about a precautionary measure.

Intensive periodic safety testing has shown that the sealing ring of the mixing bowl lid may not function properly in a few of the appliances. If you are operating such a Thermomix 31 at higher speeds, for example while pureeing, and you open the lid right afterwards and/or very quickly the hot mixed food can squirt out of the bowl in some few cases. This could lead to scalding and/or burns.

Only some of the appliances manufactured within the production period from October 2012 until May 2014 are affected. However, Vorwerk has decided to contact all customers, who bought their Thermomix during this period, as a precautionary measure.

You can check whether your appliance was produced in this period by looking at the service number on the type plate located on the bottom of your appliance. If your service number is in the range between 124231XX – 142031XX, we will send you – free of charge – a new sealing ring. You receive the sealing ring automatically, which means there is no action required on your side. You do not need to contact your advisor or Vorwerk about this.

In order to eliminate any risk of scalding / burns until receiving the new sealing ring, please apply the following instructions – in any case – when using the Thermomix 31:

STEP 1: After using the machine on a higher speed (higher than 4), turn the speed selector back to 1. 

TM31 safety step 1

STEP 2:  When you  switch  it  to 1, leave the speed  selector  here  for  3 seconds.

TM31 safety - Step 1

STEP 3: Turn the speed selector to the Lid Open position and carefully open the lid.

Turn the speed selector to the Lid Open position and carefully open the lid.

By following the above mentioned instructions you will be safe when using your Thermomix TM31.


If your Thermomix is not affected, which means your service number is outside of the above mentioned range, your mixing bowl lid should be working properly. A replacement of the sealing ring is not necessary.


In addition, Fantan has extended the warranty by an additional year for all TM 31* purchased on or after March 1, 2013, with service number in the range between 124231XX – 142031XX. To make it very easy for our customers, you do not have to do anything. Our customer service automatically knows, that this extended warranty is valid for these devices.

*This warranty extension applies to domestic use machines only.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at the following email address or 604-288-2733/1-866-267-6831.