Why Thermomix?

Thermomix provides a variety of benefits to your daily life and cooking style and ownership means membership into a culture of healthy and fun home cooking. Creating fast and delicious meals with your Thermomix means you will spend less time cooking and have more of one of the most valuable things in life – time.

Thermomix Benefits

Money Saving

Cooking at home always produces the best tasting food and is more affordable than pre-made or restaurant food. Owning a Thermomix means you can save hundreds of dollars per year on groceries and eating out, along with reducing food waste by utilizing your ingredients to the fullest. Thermomix makes it easy and convenient to use an ingredient in multiple recipes so you can feel good about your contribution to reducing food waste. Preparing your own recipes – soups, breads, sauces, desserts, baby food, and more, reduces your frequency to the supermarket resulting in saving time, gas or transit costs, and your overall food expenditure.

Learn more about reducing food waste in Canada by visiting the David Suzuki Foundation.

Thermomix incorporates more than 12 functions, eliminating any need and cost associated with purchasing multiple kitchen appliances. No more need for purchasing weighing scales, a blender, a food processor, a bread maker, a slow cooker, a steamer, a coffee grinder, a smoothie maker, a rice cooker…and the list goes on. Owning a Thermomix could save you thousands of dollars and plenty of kitchen space!

In cooking mode, Thermomix ® uses approximately the same energy as a toaster and because Thermomix does the job of multiple appliances in one, you can significantly reduce the use of your oven, microwave, and other appliances, considerably reducing your energy bill and carbon footprint.

Easy Cooking Everyday

Everyday cooking with Thermomix ® is so easy and removes the hassle from food preparation. Whether you are a busy professional chef looking to save time, or a home cook preparing nutritious meals for yourself or your family, Thermomix ® automates lots of the cooking process and saves you time, especially with the Guided Cooking feature. Easy meals have never tasted so good!

Thanks to its clever design, Thermomix ® is a joy to operate. It features an easy-to-use interface that consists of one touchscreen and one selector dial for simple, precise control at your fingertips. You won’t believe how good quick and easy meals can taste.

If you decide to cook manually, you can set the speed and timer and leave the new Thermomix ® to complete a task. The device’s audible tone lets you know when a timed function has finished. The new Thermomix ® has a simple interface that also benefits the more technical chef as it provides very precise control over temperature and speed of operation for supreme accuracy when cooking.

When you are working in the kitchen, you will also discover that convenient time-saving features are integrated into your Thermomix ®. Sensors automatically monitor cooking temperature for consistent, even heating that makes delicious and easy meals possible every single day. There is even a self-cleaning feature that helps wash the mixing bowl after the meal is done.

Despite its multi-functional capabilities, Thermomix ® is incredibly simple to operate and delivers perfectly consistent results time after time. With its highly accurate time and temperature settings and precise, intuitive controls, you can be confident that Thermomix ® will get on with the job while you focus on what to do with the time you’ve saved.

Thermomix ® has a unique Guided Cooking feature, this is our innovation for recipe reliability which brings unprecedented ease to cooking even sophisticated dishes. Thermomix ® boasts a bright colour touchscreen that will walk you through recipes step by step. Just follow the instructions and add the ingredients when prompted – your Thermomix ® will weigh these for you, set the temperature and time and tell you when you need to add more ingredients for the next stage. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Eat Healthier

When creating your own meals with Thermomix ®, it is no longer an effort to eat better, fresher and healthier food that also tastes incredible. With thousands of great Thermomix recipes that cater to specific dietary needs and offer clear nutritional information, you can take control of what goes in your food, allowing you to prepare dishes that will help you manage weight or cope with allergies with less stress. Eat fresh, delicious and healthy food easily.

We all know that cooking our own meals is a great way to ensure we’re eating more high-quality ingredients and fewer additives or preservatives. Fresher healthy food also contains more of the nutrients we all need in our diets. However, with busy lives, it can be a struggle to find time to cook as well as we’d like.

Thermomix ® helps solve these problems by making great, fresh, healthy food fast and simple – especially through ingenious features like the Guided Cooking function that take the stress out of cooking. Thermomix ® also enables gentle heating at set lower temperatures and stirs constantly for even cooking. When you cook food in the mixing bowl or steam ingredients in the Varoma, the food retains more nutrients, colour and flavour and by setting a temperature you can be sure that you will never overheat anything. And, of course, Thermomix ® has a powerful blending function which gives you complete control over texture and enjoying fresh fruit smoothies is the very definition of simplicity.

Thermomix ® is more than just easier cooking. We also bring you a world of amazing recipes that make it even easier to eat healthily. We create all our recipes with great taste in mind, but also provide clear, practical nutritional information to help you make informed choices to help you meet your dietary goals and preferences – whether that’s losing weight or cooking great food that’s safe for those with allergies or food intolerances.

With Thermomix ®, it’s so much easier to cook better, smarter food for you and your family.

Be Inspired

Get creative in the kitchen, expand your culinary talents and cut the time it takes to prepare meals with Thermomix ®. Whether you are a busy parent looking for a new recipe for the family or an expert cook wanting to try more advanced dishes, Thermomix can help you get inspired in the kitchen.

Do you avoid making some dishes at home because of the time it takes, or maybe the complexity of the dish? Or are you a good cook who would love to entertain more easily or add a special dish to your menu? Or are you an expert cook who would love to get even more creative in the kitchen and find time to experiment with new ingredients and styles of cooking?

Whatever you want to achieve, Thermomix ® will inspire you to be more creative because it will free up time and give you the confidence to try new things.

Many Thermomix ® users will tell you that they don’t buy ready-made bread anymore, that they don’t buy jars of sauces, or jams or chutneys. All of these things are so easy to make at home with your Thermomix ® without a trip to the supermarket.

Thermomix ® might inspire you to make jam in 15 minutes from some leftover strawberries. Thermomix ® might cook a complete steamed meal with chicken and then you might use it to make a chicken stock in 40 minutes. Or maybe there’s a challenging recipe like risotto which is so easy in the Thermomix ® that you become confident with and then try a different risotto every week. Or perhaps you never have time to make cakes and then discover that a carrot cake in the Thermomix ® can be ready in 20 seconds!

When you become creative with your Thermomix ® there is a huge resource of Thermomix recipes in cookbooks, on Recipe Chips, online, and through the Thermomix Canada Recipe Community, and to make life even easier you can use the Guided Cooking feature so that Thermomix ® can help you achieve perfect results every time.

Vorwerk Quality

Millions of satisfied users around the world have discovered that Thermomix ® is precision engineered for everyday use and long life. This is ensured by Vorwerk’s 130 years of engineering and design experience, legendary quality and reliability standards.

Every Thermomix ® is designed and built to withstand the rigors of daily use – even the rigors of a busy commercial kitchen. The long service life of every Thermomix ® is ensured by our exceptional manufacturing standards and commitment to using high-quality materials and components. From the top-quality steel of the knife to the powerful maintenance-free Vorwerk motor, Thermomix ® is robust, versatile and built for everyday use. Along with our commitment to the best design and manufacturing standards, our attention to detail extends to certified environmentally-sound manufacturing processes so that our high-quality, innovative products not only offer legendary long life, but are also made in an eco-friendly way. Additionally, every Thermomix comes with a two-year domestic-use warranty and one year commercial-use warranty.

Thermomix Canada warranty information.